Alejandra Lalia, designer of Laila Frank, from a very young age felt a particular charm for women’s footwear and started making their footwear designs, for personal use, until both external demand and their need to capture creativity in the world of footwear , Became noticeable.

It also works with great designers of Clothing with which they design the footwear, that better accompany the collections that they present in the season.

He trained in Technique and in modeling of footwear covering everything that concerns them.

She is currently the winner of the Argentine Design Good Seal (SBD) and winner of the Prize in the National Footwear Design Contest, awarded by the Argentine Footwear Chamber, CAIPIC and La Feria Puro diseño.



Laila Frank is born together with the idea of ​​own creations, turning both the talent in the design as the intention to put soul to each one of them.

Inspiration arises from the image of a woman wearing them, a woman, an occasion, a feeling. All reflected in a shoe design.

We work with noble materials, smooth and transfer leathers, leathers, glitters, fabrics, billions and lace. Many of our shoes carry a mix of these textures in a single design, highlighting in them, their personality.

Our color palette is based on pastel colors and the use of white and black. And shoes are made completely by hand and in our workshop, giving attention to each part of the process to be able to provide a high quality product, working shoes for both daily use, for a wedding or a party.

At the moment Laila Frank footwear, crossed the Argentine borders, to be sold in Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and the U.S.

Laila Frank Shoes today has the recognition of being one of the top brands in Argentina representing the country worldwide as a footwear provider. A recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.


“My grandmother’s shoes”

These shoes were my grandmother’s, we called her “La Nona”. She bought them in 1955 and used them to attend tea parties he used to have in the afternoon. When she died, I inherited them and wanted to use them, to feel them at their feet. Unfortunately she was 38 and I was 36. I really wanted to wear them but I always thought it was impossible so I decided to keep them as gold. I did not like that decision, have something saved as gold and not being able to use, was like not giving them life, so I searched for a solution, a technique to take off the shoe’s top, without damaging it. Once I was able to take it off, I chose a last that fitted right. When I found it, I added a strip to the heel and two strips that cross the legs of the same color as the strips. So I started to walk in those shoes of my Nona that she loved so much.

You can do the same. I chose a shoe with history, contact us and we will re-design it together.

Alejandra Lalia



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